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The Production Process of Glass Beads

Jul 12, 2017

The production process of glass beads is divided into six steps:

1.The production of glass beads should choose raw materials, raw materials determine the quality of the glass beads, raw materials should choose clean glass with good strength and toughness.

2.Then make the glass crush into glass sand, according to the size of the granularity, crushed into a uniform moderate glass sand, in order to save manpower and material resources during burning.

3.The glass sand drying, then use the gas furnace for firing, the natural gas temperature adjusted to 800-1000 degrees, also check the roundness of the glass beads.

4.For glass beads semi-finished products, sieve with the shaker.

5.The screening of qualified glass beads, according to a certain proportion to mix, if you need to coating, need to be completed before stirring.

6.Packing and shipment.

Glass Sand

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