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Reflective Glass Beads Are Indispensable Products for Night Driving

Jul 17, 2017

Glass beads are a new type of silicate material, typically diameter is 0.8 mm, called glass micro beads. With the continuous development of science and technology, glass beads are also evolving, the diameter of glass beads is getting smaller and smaller, variety is also more and more, there are solid glass beads, hollow glass beads, colored glass beads, clear glass beads, as well as high, medium and low refractive index beads.

Glass beads are a very small glass beads, they are crystal, translucent, reflective observed under the microscope, its diameter is generally between 44 microns to 0.8 mm. Reflective glass bead is a must materials for road marking, has been identified for the national transport sector. Night driving vehicles need to recognize the marking line, when the lights, reflective glass beads on the paint surface can guide the direction for driver. This has become an indispensable product for safe driving at night.

Reflective Glass Beads

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